21st July, 2020

Complete Guide To Building A Sustainable Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Draw some oxygen deep into your lungs. The reputation this has for being difficult is overstated. A crash course in becoming a Digital Nomad is just the tonic. Get ahead of the pack with just one simple moment of reading.

The Digital Nomad lifestyle

Undoubtedly, Digital Nomad lifestyle is a substantial consideration when examining achieving your life goals.

Many people desire certain things in life, and those that desire becoming a Digital Nomad and making lifestyle choices are in the right place.

Why is it that you can't discuss becoming a Digital Nomad without delving into lifestyle choices as well? Hold on tight as we are about to shed some light on this.

A Digital Nomad is a person who works remotely while travelling. They are location independent. This means they have no fixed position or base. Often it will involve utilising advances in internet technology to produce services that can be delivered via the digital format.

So that is the basic definition of a Digital Nomad in its simplest form.

Common feelings towards Digital Nomad lifestyle

We know more about Digital Nomad lifestyle than we do about most things. Finding out new things is always good for self growth.

Taking no action in your pursuit of Digital Nomad lifestyle will lead to continued frustration.

Close you eyes and imagine you are the king of all things achieving your life goals. What are the first few thoughts that come to mind?

Most people envisage a person working on the beach with their laptop and a martini. Some people even think that Digital Nomads are just a bunch of people who are pretending to be productive while really just having an extended holiday.

With those observations behind you, fresh information about Digital Nomad lifestyle can begin to be consumed.

Reach maximum enthusiasm? Perfect.

Here is the first step in our pilgrimage.

  • You Can Have A Happy Work Life - Just Like A Digital Nomad
  • What is a Digital Nomad

    What is a real Digital Nomad

    Here is the first major consideration.

    It's clear that there are many types of Digital Nomads when trying to define exactly what they are. We often think that someone working away from their main country is one. For instance, the a person lives in the United Kingdom can be working in Thailand.

    As opposed to working and living in the same country, try to separate the two basic life needs

    Many problems arise when assumptions are made and can be confusing for people wanting to become a Digital Nomad. You want to have freedom to define your own Digital Nomad experience and expectations so that you are not conforming to someones else's goals.

    It is essential that you make your own goals that you then become accountable for. It should be you that decides what type of Digital Nomad you are. There is no reason to please other people's interpretation and work with in the confines of their definition.

  • The Secrets Benefits Of The Digital Nomad Life
  • Where do Digital Nomads live?

    There is a very obvious place to kick this off.

    In short: ANYWHERE!

    If you think there is a location that qualifies you to be a Digital Nomad then you may be missing the whole point of being one. 

    Regardless of where you are based you can still be a Digital Nomad. If you allow certain locations to dictate your lifestyle then you will will not be led by your own intuition.

    Leaving aside the popular places where people go to become Digital Nomads, it is basically fine to go anywhere on the planet (or another planet!). Some of the locations you research may be more suitable and have an established community of other Digital Nomads.

    You can also ask existing nomads with years of experience some advice on the best places to go.

    It is extremely important to note some locations are more suitable than others when considering your journey. The reason that Thailand for example is recommended is because of the :

    • low cost of living
    • warm climate
    • establish community. 

    If you want to go somewhere that is not well known you need to make sure that you have done your research first.

    How much money do Digital Nomads Make?

    How long is a piece of string?

    It can be simple to pluck a number from thin air when looking at the salary of a Digital Nomad. 

    The reason for this is that peoples circumstances and backgrounds are all different. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to pinpoint a figure when considering a Digital Nomad salary.

    There are countless reports out there that can be incredibly misleading. You want to ignore claims that you can make thousands of dollars a day remotely so that you can focus on more realistic goals. 

    Ultimately it's the unique skills, industry and work ethic that separates your income from other people's income.

    If you don't have a number to aim at then you are more likely to find a better idea naturally as time passes on your Digital Nomad journey.

    Don't let weekly targets and stressful timeline dictate your life. Put simply, the whole reason you are becoming a Digital Nomad is to leave that way of working behind.

    Appeal of becoming a Digital Nomad

    What are your life goals?

    The real question is what do you want during your limited days on this planet

    We all know that people have different goals , but you need to work out what yours are and write them down. As opposed to copying other people or letting outside factors influence you, try to dig deep within yourself to get the answer.

    It can prove difficult to find exactly what you want and what will make you happy in the long run. Sometimes you need to try things to make sure they are or are not for you. We all know that trial and error is frustrating , but it can be a great way to fine tune your life values and goals.

    The good news is having some firm life goals in mind means that you can begin planning how to obtain them. 

    Each time you consider a direction or decision it can be used as a reference to ascertain if you are on the right track.

    It is crucial not to aimlessly wander as a Digital Nomad to be sure you can actually achieve what you want from the lifestyle.

    Unless of course, your life goal is to aimlessly wander!

    What do you value in life?

    It is important realise that different people place different values on things in life. The more you let other peoples values shape your own, then the more you are living by someone else's life values. Some people prefer copy or mimic their hero or idol rather than come up with their own values, and this is fine.

    Make your life values mean something just by listing them somewhere that you can refer to them often. Put simply, somewhere in your phone is a good place to start. That means they will always be easily accessible when you need to look at them.

    If you want get maximum value of of your life you need to make sure that you are making decisions that cater to your life values.

    If you've been doing an activity that directly opposed your values then you need to identify this as counter productive and take a better direction. Many problems arise when people forget what they value while travelling as a Digital Nomad and can be a very fast way to losing sight of what you set out to achieve.

    Barriers in your current life

    There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are trapped.

    The more you want to change then the more it can seem like it's just impossible. The reality is that you can make changes to the life you are living, and quite easily.

    The good thing is that you can identify and reduce the barriers that are preventing you from change. 

    It must be an honest conversation you have with yourself if you want to ignite meaningful changes to your life. Some of the barriers and responsibilities can be easily managed once you know what they are.

    It is essential when removing the barriers that you understand why they are barriers in the first place. 

    It may be difficult to determine these while in the repetitive cycle you are trying to escape.

    Ultimately it's the mentality of making changes to reduce your life that separates digital nomads from those who dream of being digital nomads.

  • How to Get Started As Digital Nomad Without Freaking Out
  • What you need to become a Digital Nomad

    How much money you need?

    It can be simple to ignore the financial realities when looking at the Digital Nomad lifestyle. 

    It should be noted that managing your finances is a large part of sustaining the lifestyle. It is essential to know that without adequate funds, you cannot continue to be a Digital Nomad.

    It can be complex when working out a start figure and calculating how much you need from the get go. 

    Put simply, a large amount of savings is highly recommended. Rather than being stressed at the start while you make the transition to remote working you can rest assured that you have substantial funds to bankroll you at the start.

    It is important know that this figure is different depending on your own spending habits

    Not only do expenses differ from person to person, but also the initial amount of savings.

    It is very important to settle on your own amount at the start so that you can tailor your budget and spending to your own needs in the early stages.

    What are you current skills

    Today is the day where all those skills you've obtained throughout your life need to be assessed and critiqued.

    A justification for becoming a Digital Nomad is that you possess some for of skill you can utilise to produce income

    An alternative to having current skills is to learn new skills either before you go, or at the beginning of your transition.

    Ultimately it's the highly skilled that separates the struggling Digital Nomad from the highly successful one. 

    The best way to earn money remotely is to have a a skill that doesn't require you to be anywhere in person. It can sometimes lead to you losing your nomad lifestyle if you start to agree to more personal or face to face meeting. Just use video calls for those.

    There are many different levels of skill that earn various levels of income. You shouldn't get caught up in the earning potential of one area and end up committing your time to doing something you don't enjoy. It's common knowledge that when you enjoy something, it is easier to become better at it. So choose a skill set you like.

    What areas interest you

    It's unmistakable that finding things that interest you can be the most productive fields to spend your time in. Some people prefer to aim for the highest earning outcome rather than finding something they actually enjoy.

    There is no excuse to be grump about work as a Digital Nomad and sulk about how much you dislike it. You are the boss.

    You'll often find that money is a major incentive when people choose their career paths. Don't let money and wealth get in the way of spending your time on this planet in a compromised fashion. Not only do you only get one life, but also limited time in which to spend it.

    It is extremely important to spend time doing things that interest you when it comes to your Digital Nomad work. Many problems arise if you dislike the work and can be a negative impact on your work and travel lifestyle. This starts to become more important when it comes to spending a long time on the Digital Nomad journey, as you need to do something that is sustainable.

  • To People Who Want To Become Digital Nomads - But Can't Get Started
  • Things to do before you start

    Have a plan

    Start with a bang. Have a plan.

    Let's look at what you need to have in place before you go and how to plan for them.

    You shouldn't quit your job and head off to the other side of the world and end up begging for your job back a month later. It may be difficult delay you Digital Nomad lifestyle while you make you plan, but it is the smartest way forward.

    There are countless items to put in your plan out there that can make understanding your objectives easier. We often think that a calendar is highly helpful. As opposed to just making it up as you go, try to have some loose commitments in your schedule so that you can keep busy.

    You'll often find that having a plan is a major source of sanity when you first leave on your experience. You can easily be afraid simply by not having the correct plans in place when you commence. Rather than jumping into the deep end without a paddle, you can create a rough plan of how you will strategically manoeuvre in the first few months.

    Have a backup plan

    It is vital a backup is considered in conjunction with your primary one. Sometimes you need to consider the risks to make sure you are protected in case the transition goes wrong.

    In any event, a backup plan can also provide another layer of confidence to what you are embarking upon.

    That being said, your original plan is still the main objective. 

    It is necessary to make it a priority when you start to ensure you are accountable. Sadly, many people lose interest in the first few months which is common with Digital Nomads who don't plan at all.

    The good thing is having both a primary plan and a backup plan protects all bases. The more options you have in place then the more paths you can go down. No matter what your main plan entails, you need to be smart and also put together your contingency.

    Know your target locations

    We know that the location is one of the most exciting parts of being a Digital Nomad. Rather than roll the dice and end up on a spontaneous trip you can plan your first few locations before you go. Make your itinerary just by making note of some rough time frames in some cities you are keen to visit.

    We know that it is not always easy to choose the right digital nomad location either. Having said that, there are so many to choose from that it is virtually impossible to go wrong.

    An important ingredient in to consider is safety first because the last thing you want to be worried about is being in a dangerous environment.

    The more locations that you shortlist before leaving then the more options you have. 

    It can be simple to research the right locations when looking at other Digital Nomads experience via their online blogs. The results that they have learned in their experience are actually very helpful when shaping your own.

    Minimise your life

    It must be done if you want to be a Digital Nomad.

    It is important to know that the more stuff you have, the more difficult your journey will be. You want to reduce the amount of maintenance in your life so that you can truly be mobile.

    It is particularly important to pack light so that you can travel easier. The ability to pack up quick will help make the move to new locations less hassle. A justification for for a lighter luggage is also that it saves you money when flying.

    It can prove difficult work out what to take and what to leave behind. Instead of packing things you "might use" try to only pack things that will definitely be used. Leaving aside luggage, it is also important to minimise all other aspects of your life, including car, insurance, belongings and memberships.

  • Plan Like A Digital Nomad Pro Without Breaking The Bank
  • Commencing your Digital Nomad journey

    Getting the tools you need

    Some of the challenges before you go and become a Digital Nomad include getting the right tools for the journey. Sometimes it's tricky to decide what these tools are when planning your journey. As opposed to guessing, try to do some research and find out what tools others are using.

    The results that you find are actually extremely helpful. Why is it so so important to take an international sim for example. Sometimes you will need a tool like this to make sure you always have a connection.

    Make an effort to produce a list if you want to ensure you have the tools required. At any rate, these tools can be gained as you go. 

    Another approach is to work out what you need as you feel the need for it, and ultimately just purchase the tool at that time.

    Online resources

    There are many different tools that you will need, and not all of them are items for your luggage. The good news is many tools you need are online which means that you don't need to budget for them in your suitcase.

    There are many different online tools and resources that make your life easier.

    Make an effort to organise these online resources if you want to easily find them when you need them. It's common knowledge that Google Suite is the king online resource tool set for most Digital Nomads. The reality is that the tools they create are simply the best on the market.

    The reason that an online tool is so beneficial is also because you can access it across your devices. We don't want to rely on these online tools which would lead to disaster when no wife connection can be found. That means that offline versions of the tools, like Google Sheets, will be very handy when it comes to combining a cloud online and offline synchronisation.

    Setting up your business

    You must set up your business in order to run a sustainable Digital Nomad lifestyle. 

    You want to do all the admin so that you are not looking unprofessional. It's important that you register your business so that it has at least base credibility.

    The reality is that your website is the centrepiece of your brand.

    It is extremely important to ensure your website is up and running when you are operating as a Digital Nomad. The reason for this is that your website will become you key sales and marketing tool to win business.

    It is essential that your website contains all the correct information. The ability to showcase previous work will help you win new client. If you've been sent some positive feedback then be sure to promote this on your website.

    Expenses of a Digital Nomad

    Business Admin

    An important ingredient in any business is administration because this is the foundation. The purpose of business admin is ensure the smooth running of your day to day business. Some issues that arise if not done correctly can be very costly in the long run.

    You shouldn't for example avoid paying tax and end up owing a fortune in a few years time. With this in mind some countries, like the United Arab Emirates, are tax free and do not require tax payments. Make your decision about the location your business is based for tax purposed just by reading up on how other Digital Nomads structure their businesses.

    You must consider constant admin in order to sustain your business.

    It can be complex when dealing with some aspects and it is always fine to outsource where needed

    Regardless of what industry your business is in, you can always make life easier with some solid business admin fundamentals.


    It can be hard to envisage where you will live when you first decide you want to work and travel. In any event, accommodation decisions can help keep you feeling like you always have a home. You can definitely save money by making some smart decisions in this area.

    Some of the challenges revolve around price and location.

    It is essential that the accommodation that you choose has solid WiFi. However, the more remote places will not always have this and you will need a backup plan to complete your online tasks.

    It is particularly important to budget your accommodation so that you don't let it drain your cash flow. You can definitely reduce costs by sharing with another Digital Nomad where possible. That may feel a little strange especially when you have just met them, but rest assured it is quite normal.

    Travel costs money

    If you want to become a Digital Nomad then you need to make sure that you're at peace with it costing money. It's unmistakable that ongoing expenses of endless travel can be a drain on your bank. So if you prepare correctly and budget it might save you money in the long run.

    Many problems arise with people running out of money and can be the end of their Digital Nomad experience.

    No matter what income you have and how much you have save, travelling will inevitably keep costs high

    Some of the major costs are air travel, hotels, AirBnb, taxis and of course, alcohol.

    Sometimes you have to accept that some money will go to waste to make sure you aren't too shocked when unexpected expenses arise. This starts to become relevant when it comes to sustaining your journey financially.

    It's clear that over estimating when drawing up your travel budget is much preferred to under estimating expenses.

  • What You Should Know About Expenses As A Digital Nomad
  • Digital Nomad work and life balance

    Finding your Work Routine

    A justification for the whole change in lifestyle is that you make money as you go to support it. It can be hard starting out when you are not accustomed to working autonomously. On one hand you know you need to work and earn an income, but on the other hand the temptations of travel are at your feet.

    There are methods that can help getting yourself into a routine. 

    We know that tricking yourself into starting is a powerful tool. The good thing is that the more you work as a Digital Nomad and balance your lifestyle, the better you will get.

    The real question is can you still enjoy the wonders of travel during a work routine. You want to have the best of both worlds so that they are in perfect balance. As opposed to focusing too heavily on one or the other try to split time spent in half.

    What works for you best

    Instead of copying someone else's routine try to discover what works best for you

    It may be difficult compare yourself while you are just starting out. Sometimes it's tricky to duplicate someone when they are already used to it or it suits them more.

    That being said, seeking advice on routine and balance is highly recommended. It's clear that great knowledge can be obtained when asking those who have already had experience living it. The best way to find the information is to read a few blogs from popular Digital Nomads.

    So if you want to establish your work cycle it might trial and error at first. It is essential that you stick at it, even if it doesn't work at first. The ability to adapt will help eventually cement your routine going forward.

    Avoiding the traps

    Not only do temptations show themselves while travelling , but also they help blur the lines between being a Digital Nomad and a Holiday maker. 

    It is essential to avoid situations that will move you more towards the holiday maker bracket. We often think that sitting in a resort and drinking at the bar is fun, however, doing this 7 days straight it more in line with a vacation.

    It may be difficult separate the two while you are starting out. No matter how tempting something can seem it is important to stop and consider its impact on your Digital Nomad goals first. Instead of saying yes by default, try to find ways to justify doing it in conjunction with your Digital Nomad lifestyle.

    It's common knowledge that networking and socialising is important for doing business while travelling. If you think that drinking at a bar every night talking to people is networking though then you should probably take a second look at your decision. 

    You must be strict at times and make sensible calls in order to sustain your Digital Nomad career.

    Discovering the Work / Life Balance

    If you've been paying attention then you will note that there was earlier mentions to the work and life balance of a Digital Nomad. This might be hard handle at first and can take time to understand. 

    Some of the most successful Digital Nomads still find this part hard and end up working too much.

    It is particularly important to remember you are not doing this journey to work 14 hour days so that you maximise your income. 

    From time to time a big job will need to be done which may take up a whole day. You shouldn't get in the habit of doing this though, and end up working just as hard and long as you were at your previous job.

    Sometimes it's tricky to know when to work and when to play. 

    With this in mind using common sense and clear minded thinking can guide you in the right direction. It's important that you also keep an eye on the financial numbers so that you can adapt your work and life balance accordingly.

  • What You Should Know About Expenses As A Digital Nomad
  • How to make money as a Digital Nomad

    Finding income streams

    It is necessary to find multiple income streams when looking to sustain yourself as a Digital Nomad. 

    We all know that working projects and tasks allow for an great source of income , but you need to diversify and find alternative streams of income. It is vital all income producing methods is considered and thought through.

    The purpose of income in the first place is to meet your financial liabilities. It is critical not to get into debt when being a Digital Nomad. This can even mean producing income in areas you know nothing about and learning new skills.

    It can be difficult to delve into areas that produce income if you have no experience doing it in the first place. 

    However, the payoff can be huge and work wonders when establishing your permanent travel lifestyle. No matter what your current skills are you can always learn new ones and turn them into income generating skills.

    Passive Income

    The ability to have a passive income will help free up more time as a Digital Nomad. The best way to earn passive income is to minimise the maintenance of the income producing method.

    It is critical to have a set and forget mentality when aiming to produce passive income.

    We often think that passive income is earned via investments. If you think that the way that suits you then you should definitely consider property investment over shares.

    You'll often find that property is a major contributor to wealth generation when keeping it as a capital growth asset over the long term.

    An alternative to investments as passive income is to find ways online to generate revenue. The more viewers you can attract to a piece of blog or video content on the web then the more ad revenue you'll produce. 

    This might be hard at first, but you would be surprised how easy and effective it can be.

    Recalculating budgets

    A justification for having an income in mind is balancing and reassessing your budget. From time to time your income and expenses will fluctuate. It is vital making changes to your budget is considered as you compare the incomings vs outgoings.

    At any rate, looking at your budget regularly can refocus your mind. Not only was reviewing your current financial status helpful but it also leads to better spending decisions after discovering where all your money goes.

    There are countless spreadsheets out there that can help you maintain a budget.

    Some people might view revisiting the budget often as the least fun task when considering the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad. You must get over this in order to make good decisions. If you don't have the numbers correct then your adventure and lifestyle will end very suddenly.

    What taxes Digital Nomads pay

    Where do I pay tax

    It's clear that when running a business or any kind, you are going to need to deal with tax implications at one point. 

    Once you can decide on where your business registration is located then you can find out more about the tax side of things. This might be hard to understand at first and you may wish to consult a professional for advice.

    You want to minimise tax where possible so that more money stays in your pocket. Having said that, sometimes maximising tax is a one off strategy when applying for finance. Many problems can arise when seeking credit for digital nomads and can be a major hurdle to accessing loans from credit providers.

    There is no reason to be worried about your tax and let it prevent you from becoming a digital nomad. It is necessary to meet the tax obligations of the location your business is based (on paper) when required. Each time you avoid facing it , debt will build on your tax owings and compound interest will begin to be applied.

    Register in a tax free country

    Another approach is to set your business up in a Free Trade Zone and avoid paying most taxes altogether.

    On one hand this allows you to keep more of your revenue and profit. Sometimes you need to be clear on the tax law in these zones though, to make sure you don't misunderstand your obligations.

    Some of the popular trade free zones are in Dubai and are easily accessible for non residents to set up. Some people might view Dubai as a great location to base themselves when considering it has a warm climate. It is extremely important to follow all the requirements even when setting up in a Tax Free Zone.

    Over estimate your tax payments

    Regardless of your tax obligations you can certainly use one approach to help keep yourself out of trouble. It is crucial that you over estimate your tax obligations to be certain you are not confronted with any nasty surprises. It's often thought that counting your profits before tax time can be highly misleading.

    Some of the time a digital nomad may not earn enough to warrant paying tax and keep everything they earn. It's common knowledge that the less you earn, the less tax you generally pay, which is great when you're starting out.

    It's unmistakable that tax payments can be a drain on your cash flow and also your morale.

    Leaving aside your tax implications, it is also good practice to over budget for other expenses. Then you can be sure you are safe and cashed up, rather than being behind after a few nasty unforeseen surprises. However, the main point is to always consider your tax and stay on top of it.

  • Can You Guess The Effects Of Tax On Digital Nomads
  • Maintaining your Digital Nomad lifestyle

    Reflection brings direction

    You want to look back in the rear-view mirror often so that you can make educated decisions going forward

    No matter what level of success you are experiencing, you need to find time to stop and look at what works and what doesn't so far. It is necessary to diagnose problems when doing this, but also highlight your wins.

    It is very important to review your processes so that they can be optimised further. An important ingredient in doing so is working out how long tasks take you to achieve because saving time saves money. No matter what the task is, if you can find ways to complete it faster and more efficiently, then you will improve your business.

    There are many different tools that can help optimise processes. However identifying the ones that need work is key, as it is those that are costing you most. Another way to reflect on your current status is to evaluate the lifestyle portion, and what level of happiness and fulfilment you are extracting from the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

    Credit or debit

    Often you will find that running out of cash flow can happen if you don't keep a close eye on your finances while embarking on the Digital Nomad life.

    If you want to sustain it for long periods, or indefinitely, you need to make sure that you accounting is in order. The more control you have over your numbers then the easier continuing your Digital Nomad Life will be.

    It's important that you constantly check your credits and debits so that you don't fall into debt. It is very important to avoid any type of high interest debt (short term loans, credit cards) so that these do not choke your business. You can definitely avoid these debts by having a significant savings pool before you begin, and by sticking to your plan and budget.

    We all know that debits are bound to happen, but paying for things that do not in turn give you a benefit for your business and lifestyle is wasted money. Some people might view this as too strict when considering credits and debits.

    It's clear that keeping an eye on managing debt when travelling as a Digital Nomad though is paramount.

    Forecasting trends

    As opposed to expecting everything will stay the same, try to make predictions and forecast global trends.

    It is particularly important during the times of Pandemic so that you avoid going into countries enforcing lock downs. It should be the first priority for all Digital Nomads that they put health and safety first when choosing their locations. Consider the pandemic situation with Coronavirus or Covid-19 for example.

    It's common knowledge that forecasting trends in business is a key tool in getting ahead. That means being on top of the latest news in your industry, which will guide you in the right direction. If you want to succeed then you need to make sure that your skills of anticipating the market are spot on.

    It's often thought that not changing a winning formula can be the key to success. You'll often find that this method is a major contributor when companies that were once booming, go bust.

    It is very important to keep on top of the latest trends so that your business offering isn't made obsolete.

  • Digital Nomads Freak Out Over Long Term Viability - Why?
  • Mental challenge of being a Digital Nomad

    Handling Isolation

    It's clear that being a Digital Nomad is a lonely business when travelling alone. Don't let that get your down and depressed. From time to time you will meet people to fill this void.

    If you want to avoid feeling isolated you need to make sure that you keep in touch with people. The ability to chat via technology these days will help you achieve this. It is vitally important that you do not simply cut yourself off from the world if you want to avoid the feeling of isolation.

    It can be simple to avoid strangers when looking at working in co-sharing spaces. An alternative to avoiding people though is to have light engagement. The reason for this is it will make your work life feel more normal and keep your social skills intact.

    Finding time to enjoy your lifestyle

    It is very important to enjoy your life so that it makes the whole Digital Nomad vocation worthwhile. It's common knowledge that the reason people choose this lifestyle is to enjoy more time doing what they love. So if you only focus on the work while travelling, it might not be the best option for you.

    Some of the things you will enjoy most are the sights and sounds of each city. We don't want to lock ourselves too deeply into our work which would lead to just creating the same trap we were trying to escape from.

    We often think that money and work comes first, which is not true.

    Ultimately it's the way we spend our limited time that separates us from one another. Just as you might enjoy doing one thing, you will find that someone else enjoys the opposite.

    The reason that this is important to acknowledge is it helps you to steer clear of comparing yourself to others. Go your own way.

    Tie all these point together and you have a solid foundation. Now you can understand why there is so much interest in becoming a Digital Nomad.

    If you can remember the important aspects outline above, you will be in good stead.

  • Do You Know How to Maintain Your Mental Health As A Digital Nomad
  • Go for it - become a Digital Nomad now!

    That concludes our post today on becoming a Digital Nomad.

    Those anxious days of being uneducated about becoming a Digital Nomad are now gone.

    The important things to know are , and . Keep that in mind the next time the topic arises.

    Taking a moment to let this post set in will assist with information retention. We recommend you retain your determination for advanced wisdom about becoming a Digital Nomad. You should feel excited about your pursuit for information.

    What will unfold next for becoming a Digital Nomad? Can't wait to see. Return again soon go see how it develops.

    You've done a fine job at obtaining these interesting insights.

    We request one thing further. Be certain to tell us your own views on becoming a Digital Nomad too.

    Remember to check out the other articles we have on becoming a Digital Nomad.

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    # Nomad# Tips

    Draw some oxygen deep into your lungs. The reputation this has for being difficult is overstated. A ...

    29th June, 2020

    Do You Know How to Maintain Your Mental Health As A Digital Nomad

    # Nomad# Tips

    Draw some oxygen deep into your lungs. The reputation this has for being difficult is overstated. A ...