8th March, 2020

17 Ways To Make Money As A Travelling Digital Nomad

Keep this a secret. Time to get stuck into something important. A crash course in making money is just the tonic. Avoid looking blank faced when the topic of Digital Nomad arises.

Proper income while travelling

So what exactly are you looking for and how much do you need to make.

That's what we are here to find out.

Making money means generating an income while either travelling or being in a foreign country that is not quite a home base.

Make sense? Good. Now we can move on.

We have put our best expertise forward in this article for your benefit.

We're confident that you will find some intriguing information as you continue onwards.

Most people who read this post end up doubling their understanding of Digital Nomad.

Your current attitude

Try to draw a picture in your mind about making money.

What words do you associate with making money as a Digital Nomad?

Google Adsense? Money for doing nothing? Passive Income? Earning on the road?

These thoughts may come in handy later when you are reading further on in this post.

Prepare to be hit by a big wave of knowledge.

Time to kick this off.

1. Create a Blog

Focus on the following.

First and foremost, this is the most common method for creating an income online. 

Use a platform like Wordpress or Squarespace, buy a catchy domain name and write about something you are passionate about.

Once you have some traction via attracting visitors via Google Organic search and social media referrals, plug some Google Adsense into your site and watch the money tumble in.

Just be sure to keep writing!

One point down.

Moving along to the second key point.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Everyone has a phone with a camera these days. Flip it around and start talking about a topic you love or are an expert in.

Whack it up on YouTube and connect to advertising via Google. Soon enough, if your video content is high quality enough you will get viewers, and in turn some income for each video.

And like that, you are learning more and more about making money.

Next we look at the following.

3. Look for Online Freelance jobs

If you have a skill you can execute remotely, then freelancing online is a no brainer. Use sites like UpWork, Elance and Freelancer to secure mini jobs that can pay your way on the road.

No longer are these restricted to Software dev jobs either. Almost every industry has the demand for some form of online delivery.

Or - just learn a new skill as you go!

4. Make an online course

Like to teach? Expert in your field? Why not create a course!

Yes, you can now be the course convenor of your own education material and charge students for your expertise.

Use a platform like Udemy to get started, and soon enough you can price your course and take a share of your own students fees.

5. Airbnb experience guide

If you are in a place that has tourist appeal, you can list an Airbnb experience for potential tourists to purchase.

For example, you may be in Bali and know how to surf - put a surf day and picnic lunch adventure up on Airbnb, state your price, and you're and instant tourist attraction.

6. Game and user testing

Many big software and gaming companies are dying for users to test their new products. Gaming can be difficult to get into unless you are a big time gamer. 

But testing software or taking part in Focus Groups via Skype can earn you an easy $50 for basically giving your honest thoughts on their products. And it's kind of fun!

7. Write an eBook

For thosr keyboard tappers out there, you can write your own full ebook and sell it online to fund your Digital Nomad lifestyle.

Many find writing to be relaxing anyway, so why not make money while doing it.

All you need is a website platform to promote and sell the ebook.

8. Sell digital products

On a similar not, selling digital products is a great way to earn money only. Perhaps you have a great marekting template, or a unique and niche accounting spreadsheet.

That could equal more money than you think. Target your market over social media and soon enough their may be massive interest in something as simple as your budget spreadsheet.

9. Paid Surveys

These don't pay alot, but if you are in a country with a cheap standard of living, then they can provide more than enouhh to get by.

Paid surveys are popping up everywhere as big firms are wanting to learn more and more about their market.

10. Sell photos

Fancy yourself as a photographer? Sick of uploading to Instagram for free? You can sell your photos instead.

Create an account with iStockPhoto and meet the minimum standards - you will be pleasantly surprised with how much people will pay for good quality photos.

Try to take photos that are unique and abstract. There is no point copying what's already out there.

11. Tutor

If you have a good grasp of a topic, you can often offer to teach locals in the area where you are travelling.

For example, if you are in some smaller countries in Africa, teaching basic computer skills is becoming high in demand.

So if you can use word processing, web browsers and file management, that will be sufficient to get some locals started.

Please note, often this is offered as a volunteer job. But in some cases, you can charge a small fee in the form of accomodation and food.

12. Teach English

The global tongue is always in high demand in countries still learning the language. Throughout Asia in particular, anyone with a decent grasp on English can offer to teach English at a really good hourly rate.

Obviously people from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are more sought after. But most people have a good enough standard to teach.

13. eBay trade

Straight forward. Buy something for one price. Market it and sell it for a higher price. That equals profit.

Not as easy to do if moving locations frequently, but certainly another method you can use to fund your travels.

14. Ride the Cryptomarket

Riskiest method of them all. Buy and Sell Crypto.

This comes with a stern warning. It is an extremly volatile market.

But, if you have patience and self discipline, and you understand the cycle trends deeply enough, you can basically trade Crytpo all day and live as a Digital Nomad.

15. Flip websites

Sites like Flippa offer a website purchasing market where you can buy websites and sell them too.

Think of it as buying a house in dire need of renovation. You can buy a website that requires some work but which has potential. Then after you have fixed it up, place it back on the market and sell it for a profit.

16. Influencer

This is for those social media types who know how to gain a large following. It is very difficult to start earning money from day one, even month one.

It takes time to build an Instagram following. But if you find a niche area (like necklesses of the world) and post photos of necklesses that you find on your travels - you may be able to cut a deal with a company that sells necklesses! Who knows!

17. Digital production

Think of web template, audio files, graphics and movie snippets. If you can create these to a high level of quality, then you can sell them on websites like Envato


And that wraps up our list.

Paste this knowledge together and you can see the bigger picture beginning to appear.

So that explains the basic methods to earning money while travelling.

If you can remember the main points outlined above, you are well on your way to becoming an expert.

The future will reveal all

You now have some further knowledge about making money on the road.

We now know a lot more about making money than when we started.

Write down any additional ideas you can think of before you start your journey.

For now, this is a great starting point for you.

Who knows what the future will hold for making money for Digital Nomads?

Can't wait to see it unfold. There are likely to be more questions than answers that arise.

You're welcome. One last thing.We want to hear your opinion too.

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